Frozen toes, face, arms, etc

My name is Mark Walsh, and I am a weather observer at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

The Frozen Toe is an outlet for my stories, photos and observations about life on the ice, and a place I hope you will find both educational and enjoyable.


10 Responses to About

  1. lucy newman says:

    Love it, Mark! Thanks for taking the time to keep us connected! For all the trips Wayne and I made to Alaska, the night’s light show was the one experience that escaped us…

  2. chad says:

    Great blog! Nice break from work to check out your adventure in Antarctica. Are all these photos yours? And if so, can you send a few copies my way . . .

    • frozentoe says:

      Thanks Chad. Great to hear I’m giving you a opportunity to slack off at work. I’m honoured, really.
      Most of the pics were mine. The black and whites, and the one of the south pole station I grabbed off the internet. but I can send you whatever you want. Let me know. Later

  3. Chip Cole says:

    you do well…
    kia ora

  4. Cyrus Buffum says:

    Mark, just stumbled upon this (via Dr. Wragg’s alumni newsletter). Sounds absolutely awesome what you’ve been doing! Looking forward to keeping up with your adventures…

  5. Tim Burgess says:

    Glad to read that you are doing well in the land of beautiful pictures. Wow!
    IF you ever come back please drop by McGill-Toolen. We are always looking for science teachers of your stature!

    Tim B

  6. Jenna says:

    Hey! I met you at WDS in July and was wondering what the best way to contact you is. Can’t find you on Twitter. Please let me know. Thanks!

  7. Carter says:

    Hey Mark, this is Carter. How do you like the bike? Once you get her tuned she is sweet. I miss it hanging in my garage. If you have any pictures of it after you got your bars on that would be cool to see.

  8. Mark Walsh you son of a gun.

    This site is awesome.

    your the man,

    Alex Castellanos

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